Property Management

Wharton Pryce has an impressive roster of commercial properties, representing a broad range of sizes and interests throughout the Greater New York region, including such high-profile clients as Waldbaum’s Supermarkets and CVS Pharmacies. By properly maintaining these properties, we’re able to reduce if not eliminate vacancies, keep expenses in line, and ensure rents are adjusted appropriately as necessary.

Building/Development/General Contracting

Before a single physical action is taken, Wharton Pryce assigns a special Project Team to oversee every step of your project. From location selection and topographical studies to the onset of construction, we’re there to make sure there are no surprises, only successes. The end result is a property that meets or even exceeds your expectations, and has the capability to serve you efficiently and profitably for years to come.


At Wharton Pryce Realty, we believe the benefits of redevelopment go beyond the increased profitability offered our clients. By taking under-developed or inadequately-utilized sites and transforming them into high-quality, highly-functional business locations for our tenants, we can save our clients time and money, and increase the quality of life for everyone around them.