About  Wharton  Pryce  Reality


As a family-owned-and-operated real estate company, we at Wharton Pryce Realty take great pride in the relationships as well as the properties we build. Whatever the need, down to the smallest detail, our tenants know they can count on our professionals for swift and complete satisfaction. With foresight and meticulous precision, we create and redevelop commercial properties that not only meet the current needs of our tenants and the communities they serve, but future needs that will evolve as well. This is why so many large, well-established national tenants, as well as smaller “mom and pop” tenants, trust us to build and maintain the properties in which their businesses thrive and grow. Tenants, realtors, tradesmen, and service providers alike receive personal respect from our family of employees, as well as the epitome of excellence with the professional integrity upon which our reputation has been built.